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Celepina is on the junction of two X-boat routes in Rhylanor Subsector, Spinward Marches (subsector map hex 0503). Although on a major route with plenty of traffic passing through the system, Celepina remains a relatively minor world due to various factors. The economy is heavily dependent on the Navy and Scout service installations. If the bases closed, Celepina's problems would be much worse. Celepina has an unbreathable atmosphere, low population and a ruling class who act is if the rest of the Imperium does not exist. The following information is offered to help both private and business travellers make the most profitable use of their stay.

Orbital and ground ports, refined fuel, non-starship construction, TAS building. Tl = 9.
4,000 miles/ 6,400 km diameter. Axial tilt 16 degrees. Year 348.99 days. Day = 21.44 hours. Orbits at 0.937 AU, planet number 4 of 12. Planets no. 5, 6,7,& 9 are Gas Giants. Celepina has no moons.
Very thin atmosphere. (0.253 atmospheres pressure). Protective equipment needed. Water boils at 65.7 Centigrade. Average surface temperature 11 centigrade.
42% water coverage. Marine life present, no native life on land.

41,000 population. (35,000 civilians, 6,000 Navy and Scout personnel). Approx. 20,000 total Navy and Scout staff in system count as temporary residents.

Government: Feudal Technocracy, The Tehneetees under the rule of an Arheegos.
Law level. Firearms are restricted to permit holders. Navy staff act as police auxiliaries if required.
TL = 8 Local production is excellent quality, hand made to the buyer's specification and offers high levels of reliability. No mass-production.
Bases Navy training school and Scout support base
Trade Non industrial.













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